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led lighting
led lighting
led lighting
led lighting

- Modular Design… Easy to Install.

- Even light distribution…Suitable for work areas.

- Reduces energy consumption by up to 80%

- Expected life span up to 100,000 hours.

- Low maintenance cost.

- No mercury or phosphorescent pollution.

- Shock resistant-suitable for sport areas indoor/outdoor.

- Converts to 12 V.

led lighting

CPAC Asia Imaging Products Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary ofCPAC Inc established in 1969. CPAC, Inc. ( operates holdings in six countries to manufacture Household and Commercial, Personal Care and Imaging products.

CPAC Household, Commercial and Personal Care segment develops manufactures, and markets over 2,700 branded and private labelproducts. The respective business units sell throughout the Americas and internationally through distributors, service providers, direct sales representatives, catalogue, home television shopping, private label, direct marketing partners and online. 

Imaging Products, a wholly owned subsidiary, is located in Chachoengsao, Thailand for the manufacture of CPAC products inAsian employing US management, R&D, and its formulations. CPACmanufactures, packages, and distributes branded and private labelproducts to clients in more than one hundred countries through a worldwide distribution network.
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CPAC Asia Imaging Products Ltd
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